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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fighting For Their Lives

photo: PhotoPin (attribution below)

My students. Our students.

Our kids. Your kids.

The police described the home's conditions as a house in "complete disarray."

Don't talk me about letting a child explore their passions when they get home as if that is all they have to worry about.

"No working plumbing", let that sink in for a minute...

I don't care what you're point on Twitter is, if your point isn't the kids.

"They (police) found the kids wrapped in coats and an open oven for heat."

Don't talk to me about grit.

"a meth lab was found"

I don't want to hear about how you can't open up the world for your students with technology, because you don't have enough or the "wrong" device.

"No food"

I'm mad. I'm sad. They're all our kids. Give one a hug today.

My twenty-nine kids have twenty-nine  stories on how they arrived at Room 216's door. I can't control what happens when my kids leave the four walls of our school. I do know that for some of them, too many of them, that our class and school,  is the safest they will be all day. I can give them that.

Some of these kids are fighting for their lives. So am I.

Thanks for reading.
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Photo:photo credit: GE Oven Dials (left) via photopin (license)


  1. I'm excited when we don't have school because of a snow day. Then I think about how many are not warm or don't have food for the day.

    I'm excited to have spring break coming up. Then wonder how many won't have anything exciting to do for the week.

    We need to be there for kids and lift them up each day. They are on a rough journey and need us to love and lead them.

  2. Well said and absolutely spot on. Thanks Anthony for lifting our kids and me up so often.

  3. Thanks for caring so much for your kids. I know people don't think about thanking teachers for that part of our roles as often. Thanks also for inspiring my post!

    1. Thanks Michelle. Teachers do more than prepare kids to take tests. We strive show them what's possible within themselves. I'm not trying to take anything away from other people messages about passion pursuits, or their tweets, or lack of technology with my words in this post.

      I just think that so often, we forget that there are kids that are having to deal with very difficult circumstances and all of those things that we are passionate about, mean very little to some of our kids.

      We can't get so familiar with the sound of our own voices and standing within our Edu community, that we forget what our students really need from us.

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