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PHM Tech/CCS #C4 Session Resources

CCS #C4 Session Resources 
"This is What I've Learned"

Page O Rama - http://www.pageorama.com

Silk - http://www.silk.co

Dropr - http://dropr.com

Tackk - https://tackk.com

Wix - http://www.wix.com

Emaze - emaze

Smore - https://www.smore.com

Flip Snack - http://www.flipsnack.com

Artsonia - http://www.artsonia.com

How to Video for FlipSnack - https://youtu.be/57elBaSVx5k

Greek Text Generator - http://cyber.memso.com/tools.php?function=7

Richard Byrne's post on how to change page level permissions for web pages in Google Sites. Page-level Permission Google Sites

My bookmarks for Classroom Websites - https://delicious.com/yourkidsteacher/class_websites

Kyle Pace's list of Classroom Google Sites Google Classroom Site Examples

Today's Slides - http://goo.gl/OBDjLG


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