Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, I Wasn't Expecting That.

Our school is remodeling our bathrooms so that they have commercial grade plumbing fixtures and I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why those fixtures are necessary to an elementary school. The upstairs boys room was the first phase to be completed and ready for use. Our principal sent out the all-staff email telling us that it was ready.

My first inspection revealed that we gained a stall, an extra hand dryer, and that the painters might have rushed in the corner adjacent to the entrance. I thought I would try out the new faucets and soap dispensers and it was then that I noticed something was missing.

The old bathroom had a large mirror spanning the length of the sinks and counters, but now I was standing there looking at very durable vandal-proof walls. I mentioned the omission to my classroom aide, and she said that boys don't need mirrors. I strongly disagree. What if my tie is crooked, miss a belt loop, or is food in my teeth? Six year olds don't let that stuff go and don't yet contain the tact to not mention those things. So I decided to mention the issue to our principal. I told her of my concern without trying to sound too much like a fairy princess. Based on her email reply, it was apparent that I was not successful.

 It made my day.

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  1. At least she could have given yout he role of royal prince.
    From, a little mouse friend

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