Thursday, October 18, 2012

Charles Adler Show - Discussion on Bullying (Updated)

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Join the show at 3:30pm EST here:

I am was delighted to be asked to contribute to the bullying discussion on the Charles Adler Show, a nationally syndicated radio show in Canada, today. (3:30-ish EST)

Unfortunately the segment got canceled, due to some breaking news. However, you might find the organizations, resources, and videos still helpful in your efforts to provide 'YourKids' a safe learning environment. 

Protecting our kids from bullying and its online counterpart (cyber-bullying) takes a complete effort from kids, home partners, teachers and school administrators. We should not wait until the next tragic story of a tormented and hopeless child to surface before we act.

Preventing harmful behavior is not an event. Its cessation requires constant attention and consistent effort. We cannot stand on the sidelines while a child is being harmed because it's inconvenient or because they are not 'YourKid'.

Every child deserves to live and learn in a safe environment. You have a part. You can positively impact a child's life. Don't stand in the shadows. Act.

Some of the resources I have found useful in our classroom and for my kid's home partners.

Cyberbullying Research Center
National Education Association's Bully Free Initiative
Not in Our Town
The Bully Project
Robinson Community Center (University of Notre Dame)
Common Sense Media Curriculum and resources for Digital Citizenship

Cybraryman's Bullying Page
Free Technology for Teachers (Richard Byrne)
The Bully Project Resources for Parents, Educators, Students
Myths about bullying
NCTE  Lesson plans for creating a learning community in your classroom.
Learn Boost Digital Citizenship Resources

Videos I've Used in Lessons
The Price of Silence - PSA
Fight on NYC 6 Train
Stand Up, Stand Out
Jonah Mowry - What's Going On
Another useful one if only to watch how the teacher handles the conversation.
That's So Gay 

My post on what we did in my class to address the meanness.
Erasing Meanness

I would love if you took the time to comment and tell me what you think or what you have done to "Erase Meanness"
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  1. I am very happy that I came across your website and the erase Meanness lesson plan. I am definitely going to try this with my 6th graders. last school year, I started doing "kindness" writing prompts once a week with my students. I would share a picture book, show a video clip, read a poem or news article about kindness, compassion, gratitude, etc. then, the students would write and reflect how the video or text showed kindness, what were their emotions, why is it important, etc. I tried to do this all year and wanted to do a culminating project in May but didn't. I would like to build on this idea this year.

  2. It is ironic that I almost feel comforted to know that my students are not the only group of kids that start out the school year nice to each other and progressively get meaner and meaner and meaner! I've tried many ways to deal with it,but this is by far the most comprehensive at touching both mind and heart. I'm going to do daily Morning Meetings with my fifth graders and will add this in when needed. Thank you so much for sharing the movie clips you used. I'm sure they are the key to creating meaning that will last. Again, thank you. we will do our best to erase meanness.

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